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The Delhi Public School, Ghatkesar Transport department is well connected and has a planned logistic structure. The School has approximately more than 80% of its student who make use of our School transport service. The Transport department strictly follows the CBSE rules and guidelines as suggested. All our Buses are equipped with the Speed Lock and are GPRS enabled as advised by local Road Transport Authorities. Our students in the bus are accompanied by a female Attender along with legally licensed, qualified Drivers, who are well trained on a regular basis.


Our buses are well connected with the residential areas where students reside. They are maintained and comply with the rules laid by the local State Government regulations by having they inspect every 6 months and each bus has a check list which is maintained by the individual driver on a daily basis. Each bus goes through all its regular tests and health maintenance file by the Transport SupervisorAll our buses have an attendance register which is marked every time the students board the bus.All our buses are well maintained and are clean and safe to travel with regular fumigation and other pest control system.

There are unannounced checks by regulatory authority of the school board, which keeps the driver in check all the time. All the buses are air-conditioned and no student is allowed to stand during their commute. Our students enjoy a lot of reading during their journey back home as buses are equipped with huge collections of amazing books.

Route List for Ghatkesar Branch

Following the guidelines by CBSE and local State Road Transport Authority in fact makes our Buses work more efficient and ease to use for our students.




Bus Rules

  • ➤ All students using the school bus are expected to be on the right side of the bus stop at least ten minutes before the designated time of arrival of the bus. Please refrain from calling up the driver/school which may cause further delays. The bus will not wait for late comers, please comply with the rules of the school.
  • ➤ The children should stand on the pavement at the designated stop before boarding the bus.
  • ➤ No student should approach the entrance of the bus until the bus is stopped completely.
  • ➤ When the bus is in motion students must not move around in the bus.
  • ➤ Students will be held responsible for any damage to buses caused by negligence or vandalism.
  • ➤ Unruly behavior like shrieking and shouting is not permitted.
  • ➤ The driver's attention must not be distracted for any reason.
  • ➤ All students must occupy seats immediately after boarding their buses. The front door of the bus is the only authorized entrance and exit.
  • ➤ The bus drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stops only. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is subject to change.
  • ➤ The bus teachers, and student bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in the buses. Any serious offence must be reported to the Principal.
  • ➤ Under no circumstances will children be allowed to board another bus. No student will board the bus without the identity card. List of students with bus stops etc., will be available in each bus.
  • ➤ The student will always board the specified bus as per the bus route. She/He will not be allowed to take different bus routes in order to go to a friend's place or other destination.
  • ➤ The bus supervisor will not be responsible to help the child cross the road. Every day parents must make their own arrangement.
  • ➤ Parents are requested to notify the school if there is any change in address through a written communication at least one week in advance.
  • ➤ Change in bus route during the session will be considered only if there is a vacancy in that particular route.
  • ➤ Any grievance regarding issues in the bus should be addressed to the concerned in charge of the wing/Transport. Parents are requested to detain from boarding the buses to resolve matters.
  • ➤ Eating is prohibited in the bus.
  • ➤ In case of misbehavior in the bus, the school transport service will be withdrawn.